The Government has been reviewing the future of Buckinghamshire’s local councils over the last year, with a view to creating unitary councils

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The Secretary of State recently announced that he is “minded to” create one unitary council for the whole of Bucks (excluding Milton Keynes), as proposed by Buckinghamshire County Council. This is by no means a final decision and we think that there is a better way of providing local services for you. Whatever the Government decides, this will be the biggest change in local government in Bucks for over 40 years and will affect the way local services are provided to you.

A single unitary council would mean the existing county and district councils would be abolished and replaced by a new “super” council for Bucks.

We think that because the north and the south of the county are so different, it would be better if there are two new unitary councils – one for each area. 

The four district councils put forward a proposal for two new unitary councils to the Government in January 2017.

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Each new unitary would provide all of your council services and would be much more local than a single unitary, which we think would be too large and make decision-making too distant from local people like you.

  Current council areas

Current council areas

  New Northern and Southern Unitary

New Northern and Southern Unitary

  New Single Unitary

New Single Unitary

Why two new unitaries?

Two new unitary councils - more local

  • Services would be more joined-up, flexible, customer-focused and sustainable, with both councils working together on common ground
  • Local councillors would ensure money raised in the local area would also be spent locally

Two new unitary councils - better opportunities

  • Focusing on the right economy to grow – north and south
  • Enable housing, infrastructure and jobs to reflect the different needs of local communities in the north and south

Two new unitary councils - more effective

  • District councils have experience of transforming our services. This would carry through into two new unitary councils
  • District councils already have a good track record of making significant financial savings. This would also carry through into two new unitary councils

Two new unitary councils - best value

  • Will make savings and deliver better services
  • Will make local services easier to access and less confusing than the current system, while providing greater accountability for local people